“Girl Graffiti is an album that perfectly captures the sound of heartache and ennui, like a sunny day with clouds undercutting the light, and it’s a marvel of pop record making.”


“Jessee hits that sweet spot perfectly with “Dave Sharkey to the Dance Floor,” which may smirk in its title but sighs in its delivery. Folds may get all the glory now, but Girl Graffiti indicates how unfair that truly is.”


“Capturing the giant magnitude of tiny moments.
Shine on you crazy diamond in the rough.”


“Strings swirl, spiral, and fall. Electric guitars are used in both short bursts and full-blown melodies. Piano keys twinkle in and out. In the middle of all this are the steady acoustic riffs and beautifully sung vocals of Darren Jessee.
Rich in melody, arrangement, and texture. It’s an excellent journey that feels both familiar and brand new at the same time.”


“The craft of Firecracker People is nothing short of superb.”


“Jessee reveals a more aching, hushed side to his craft that owes as much to Sparklehorse (which, coincidentally, shares a member in guitarist Alan Weatherhead) as it does the lonely landscapes of Being There-era Wilco. And even in Jessee’s most introspective moments, the sparkling folk-pop arrangements of Hotel Lights conjure a breezy autumn whimsy.”


“Mr. Jessee’s murmuring, barely-there vocals compliment his bandmates’ lulling folk-rock. The album’s title track–a tender, piano-driven lament–could ably serve as a soundtrack for any long drive home.”


“Somewhere between the intimacy of Nick Drake and the enveloping warmth of Burt Bacharach’s 70′s songwriting disciples.”


“This tender, atmospheric sophomore effort is a beauty…” “With his rustic vocals and layers of instruments, “Firecracker” pops with a pleasing low-key energy and sense of handmade melancholy.”


“Hotel Lights’ songs are deceptively quiet and unassuming, yet have the capacity to steal a way into your soul.”


“Hotel Lights is another in a line of artists ushering music into new manifestations, demanding the listener come to the feast with aesthetic breeding and decorum, expecting intelligence for intelligence.”